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POLY - Colourfast to Chlorine


Indestructible for Heavy-Duty Use! POLY is an extremely durable polyester thread for everything that is heavily strained. Incredibly tear resistant and colourfast to chlorine, POLY is the optimum solution for embroideries on working clothes, jeans or caps – as these products have to be washed at high temperatures or have to be bleached.


GLITTER - Metallic Foil Thread

Glittery Foil Yarn for Shiny and Metallic Effects. The new foil yarn GLITTER produces fascinating glittery effects for stunning embroideries. Like a hologram the cut, untwisted yarn surface refracts the light adding brilliance to any embroidery design. Ideal for large-scale designs – in the clothing or accessory trade.


METY - Metallic Embroidery Thread

Shimmering Metallic Thread for Sparkling Embroideries Brilliant, shimmering effects in glamorous gold and silver tones are guaranteed by using the proven METY metallic embroidery thread. 30 coloured shades will add sparkle to any project – for fantastic embroideries in gleaming colours.


SILK - Luxury for Classy Embroideries

A precious look and matt sheen make SILK embroidery thread quite exceptional already on first sight. Not forgetting that sumptuous feel when touching it: smooth and classy, with the cool luxurious feel silk is known for.

SILK embroidery thread is the first-class solution for embroideries on exclusive fabrics and extravagant clothing – ranging from evening wear to luxury lingerie right to cashmere shawls.


SULKY - Embroidery Thread made of 100% ENKA Viscose

sulky threads sampleThe Premium Thread with Colour Guarantee! The quality of viscose threads can vary quite a lot. Made of 100% branded viscose, SULKY® has gained a top rank in the list of most acclaimed embroidery threads worldwide – thanks to its silky smooth shine and flawless, even colouring, not to forget its high non-fade properties and colour fastness: a SULKY® colour tone will keep its brilliance for years.


STIFFY - A Professional Variety of Nonwovens

stiffy backing The Optimum Stabilizer for all Fabric Types! Perfect embroideries need the right base fabric, high-quality threads – and always a stabilising backing to bring out the best in both, fabric and embroidery design!

The STIFFY range of embroidery nonwovens includes ideal stabilising solutions for all embroidery applications.


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